Version 21.0.0 Features

System Requirements#

Windward Designer
  • Windows
  • Office
  • .NET Framework 4.6.1 or later

Select Distinct Values from Datasource#

Designer Users can select distinct values from a datasource by using the Distinct() Macro in Edit Tag Window

Separate Values based on a Delimiter from Datasource#

Designer Users can specify separate values based on a delimiter such as a comma from their datasource using the Split() Macro in the Edit Tag Window

PDF Outputs Support Shape Background Colors#

PDF generated outputs now handle changes in shape background color and transparency

Esc Key Exits Query Wizard and Connection Editor#

Press Esc key on keyboard to exit Query Wizard or Connection Editor

Hot Keys for immediate Tag insertion#

Designer Users can now use hot keys to insert tags by pressing Alt to show hotkeys on ribbon and pressing X W to show hotkeys for Windward Tab

Reset All One-Time Warnings to Appear Again#

Designer users can reset one-time warnings to appear again by accessing Windward Tools > Options > Advanced > Reset Warnings

Java RESTful Engine#

Windward now has a Java RESTful Engine