Version 21.1.0 Features

System Requirements#

Windward Designer
  • Windows
  • Office
  • .NET Framework 4.6.1 or later

Table Cell Color in Conditional Formatting can use Template Variable#

Table cell background in conditional formatting can use template variables to format with a dynamic color instead of only hard-coded colors.

PDFTron SDK for PDF Output#

Designer and Core users can generate PDF output using the PDFTron SDK as an alternative to Windward's native PDF output.

A REST Request as a Datasource Allows a Header for Authorization#

Users can input their API Key in the header to pass their token to the API instead of passing their token as a URL parameter for security purposes.

Generate Code Updated for V2 RESTful Client#

Generate code updated for RESTful engine (Java, .Net, JavaScript, and Python) to be compatible with V2 clients.

Import Tag can Request Template from Hub API#

Designer users can import sub-templates stored on Hub into parent templates.

Windward Hub Ribbon in Designer#

Hub users can visually verify and interact with their Hub integration in Designer through a new section in the Windward ribbon called "Windward Hub".

Hub Password Required in Designer After 24 Hours#

Designer users are required to login with username and password in Designer after 24 hours of inactivity to protect access to their templates on Windward Hub.

More Detailed Logging for WrProviderFactories.cs#

For every call that might throw an exception, a catch logs the exception with all the parameters that are passed in.