Version 20.1.2 Release Notes


You can access the download to this release here

Customer Reported Defects#

[ATE-2737] - HD#26606 - Page border settings don't hold in output

[ATE-3441] - HD#27440-License issues with .net report engine

[ATE-3548] - HD#27605 - Image in table does not bottom align

[ATE-3561] - HD#27634 - Column widths are not maintained in the output

[ATE-3611] - HD#27727 - Output resulting in error: Object reference not set to an instance of an object

[ATE-3613] - HD#27728 - Generating output results in Index: 10, Size: 10 (IndexOutOfBoundsException)

[ATE-3618] - HD#27737,HD#28022,HD#28276 - Out tag conditional formatting property greyed out and unavailable.

[ATE-3645] - HD#27722 - Output results in Exception: Failed to evaluate jpath expression; subtype=INVALID_SELECT

[ATE-3665] - HD#27787-Table of Contents not updating properly when publishing report.

[ATE-3666] - HD#27831-Table of Contents issue

[ATE-3670] - HD#27837- Needs better error message when parse error is it cannot find a linked file

[ATE-3672] - HD#27838 - Java Engine output is resulting in NullPointerException

[ATE-3677] - HD#27851 - XLSX output generates which needs to be Repaired

[ATE-3703] - HD#27775 - Embed One Template Inside Another not working

[ATE-3704] - HD#27848 - ForEach loop break is not working properly in Excel

[ATE-3705] - HD#27839 - Excel tabs in output is different after upgrading

[ATE-3708] - HD#27886-Python Clients missing from Windward Samples

[ATE-3718] - HD#27902-ForEach type Column EndForEach delete row True throwing an Exception

[ATE-3723] - HD#27883 - Null reference exception in report usage endpoint

[ATE-3724] - HD#27906 - The license server disallowed this report because (LicenseException)

[ATE-3726] - HD#27917 - PDF output resulting in IndexOutOfBoundsException

[ATE-3733] - HD#27945-Import tag throws error when generated by RESTful engine

[ATE-3748] - HD#27965-Generating 300 pages takes 9 minutes XML Performance Issue

[ATE-3753] - HD#27964-Template's PDF output is missing two of five pages

[ATE-3754] - 27761- Java Engine significantly slower with Flex license key

[ATE-3759] - 27761- .NET Engine significantly slower with Flex license key

[ATE-3778] - HD#27964-Word Template runs fine with small data file but throws an error when run against a larger data file

[ATE-3780] - HD#28004-JSON Template throws an exception

[ATE-3786] - HD#28012-PowerPoint Tags can't be edited or saved - JLL

[ATE-3798] - HD#27982 - <strong> Arabic text in DOCX output is not bold

[ATE-3799] - HD#28021-Industrial Info Resources PowerPoint Tags not avaiable for other tags

[ATE-3803] - HD#27984 - Bold Arabic text is not shown in PDF output

[ATE-3808] - HD#28031 - Italic Arabic text issue in DOCX output

[ATE-3810] - HD#28038-Chart Template throws error for PDF Output

[ATE-3821] - HD#28015 - Bullet point/dot visible in the PDF output

[ATE-3822] - HD#28047-PowerPoint Unable to Cast object of type TextBox to type Element PageBreak - JLL

[ATE-3826] - HD#28056-JLL: Crop fill/fit broken in Excel in Import tag

[ATE-3828] - HD#27304 - License key cleanup: clean, validate, & get metrics require a valid license key

[ATE-3839] - HD#28035 - DOCX output alignment issues when a comma or any special character is introduced to the text

[ATE-3851] - CLONE - HD#27976 - Texts overlapping in PDF Output

[ATE-3857] - 27761- RESTful Engine significantly slower with Flex license key

[ATE-3877] - HD#28094-Json - Excel template never finishes and crashes the PC running it

[ATE-3879] - HD#28110-JSON performance issue 345 pages in 12 minutes and 31 seconds

[ATE-3894] - HD#28111 - Excel Template Exception (Java Engine and Designer)

[ATE-3897] - HD#28090 - JoinPdf functionality issue

[ATE-3900] - HD#28052 - Formula not calculating after 255th column in Excel

[ATE-3902] - HD#28099 - XPath 2.0 error but XPath 1.0 works

[ATE-3915] - HD#28120 - Replacing with a comma

[ATE-3918] - CLONE - HD#27820 - Replace function incorrectly changing value "50D" to "50.0"

[ATE-3939] - HD#28157-Switch Tag requires a variable name or it shows in the data tree as an error

[ATE-4021] - HD#28244-PDF Output error with JSON datafile - Natixis

[ATE-4042] - HD#28244-PDF Output bar chart labels cut off

[ATE-4055] - HD#28299-Generate Code with datasets results in NotImplemented exception

[ATE-4122] - HD#28245 - OData results incorrect for expanded table in Odata select wizard

[ATE-4144] - HD#28383 - Performance issue after upgrading to version 20.0

[ATE-4168] - HD#28455,HD#28460,HD#28469,HD#28517,HD#28503 Designer,, fails to initialize HttpAccessProvider on systems that disallow TLS 1.3

[ATE-4205] - HD#28368-RE: Xactly Trial - ODBC Connection

[ATE-4277] - HD 28838 v1 metrics request returns v2 metrics object

[ATE-4453] - CLONE - HD#28490-Rolling Risk and Return Chart has vertical x-axis labels in PDF output but they are setup as horizontal only Word output is correct - Natixis

[ATE-4454] - CLONE - HD#28491-Market Drawdown Chart has incorrect x-axis labels in PDF output but Word is correct - Natixis

[ATE-4455] - CLONE - HD#28650-Scatter Chart PNG picture markers not honored in PDF output

[ATE-4456] - CLONE - HD#28492-Market Drawdown Chart series expands outside the bounds of the chart for PDF output - Natixis

Internally Reported Defects#

[ATE-3054] - Anchor Property does not work as expected in PowerPoint

[ATE-3092] - Webinar - Formatting a date is resulting in an exception

[ATE-3563] - Fails on a SQL select returning anonymous columns

[ATE-3621] - WindwardPlatform build fails under .Net Core

[ATE-3700] - Solo | Solo server doesn't start after installation

[ATE-3711] - New .Net Core ChartDirector requires System.Drawing.Common

[ATE-3727] - Verify is counting pages as output reports

[ATE-3728] - Chart tag select editor does not show data for error markers

[ATE-3745] - Issue when installing using Designer EXE on 64 bit machine with 32 bit Word

[ATE-3807] - Verify does not display verification issues in Verify Pane

[ATE-3875] - Clicking the Verify button does not open the Verify side pane

[ATE-3876] - Setting the setting "Verify Report on Generation" throws an exception on output

[ATE-3880] - Outputting template throws exception: XamlParseException

[ATE-3913] - CLONE - Designer not finding DLLs it is bound to

[ATE-4024] - RESTful engine is returning JSON even with Accept=XML Set as a Header

[ATE-4031] - Could not load file disguised as failure to connect to license server

[ATE-4070] - Can't set root directory for data connection in Designer

[ATE-4095] - License Key Cleanup: RESTful engine requires license numCores >= machine numCores

[ATE-4096] - License Key Cleanup: RESTful engine can start with no license key

[ATE-4099] - License key Cleanup: License set per report must match engine

[ATE-4120] - Editing hidden tag throws exception

[ATE-4121] - When Tag Editor is opened on hidden control Tag, cannot use next/previous

[ATE-4170] - HD#28473-Cannot add variables in 20.1 v1 POST

[ATE-4352] - RESTful engine GetMetrics() results in error with attached template

[ATE-4353] - RESTful engine SalesforceOAuth connection string change

[ATE-4457] - CLONE - Natixis Use Case Chart one data point is missing from generated chart

New Functionality Development#

[ATE-1450] - Make engine properties local to a report

[ATE-2325] - Add native QR Code support

[ATE-2407] - Make a "Refresh Datasource" button in the ribbon

[ATE-2428] - Add support of text output type to RESTful Engine

[ATE-2508] - Implement Google Analytics C-Data connector

[ATE-2509] - Implement Jira C-Data connector

[ATE-2754] - Allow users to set duplex option for direct to printer jobs

[ATE-3035] - Support newline character for text input parameter

[ATE-3273] - Create client .NET Framework users can use to hit v2.0 RESTful Engine

[ATE-3274] - Create client .NET Core users can use to hit RESTful Engine

[ATE-3275] - Create JAVA RESTful engine client library

[ATE-3280] - Create .Net Framework example project showing use of Client Library to process a Template

[ATE-3281] - Create .Net Core example project showing use of Client Library to process a Template

[ATE-3282] - Create JAVA example project showing use of Client Library to process a Template

[ATE-3290] - Designer "Generate Code" button creates code that works with v2.0 .Net RESTful client in .Net Framework project

[ATE-3291] - Designer "Generate Code" button creates code that works with v2.0 .Net RESTful client in .Net Core project

[ATE-3292] - Update Generate Code to generate code for the new version 2 of the RESTful Java client

[ATE-3398] - Make Kailua .net core compatible (.net standard 3.1)

[ATE-3553] - Warn Pro user of a network connection issue a maximum of 4 hours after it occurs

[ATE-3566] - Make ChartDirector .net core compatible (.net standard 3.1)

[ATE-3568] - Make WindwardReportsDriver .net core compatible (.net standard 3.1)

[ATE-3573] - Make .NET Engine .NET Core compatible - final housekeeping

[ATE-3574] - Create an XML 2.0 connection debugger

[ATE-3575] - Create a JSON connection debugger

[ATE-3576] - Create an OData connection debugger

[ATE-3577] - Create a Salesforce connection debugger

[ATE-3578] - Make SQL connection debugger handle CData based on required fields

[ATE-3579] - Create "Select" debugger for XML 2.0

[ATE-3625] - RESTful: Add NumberOfPages element to data returned with a generated document

[ATE-3641] - Add help links for connection & select debuggers

[ATE-3721] - User can Show/hide control tags

[ATE-3722] - Re-used content in template is rendered in template so user can see what it will look like

[ATE-3732] - User can drag-and-drop re-usable content into a Word template

[ATE-3734] - Office bitmap object properties added: rotation, flip, and miror

[ATE-3736] - RESTful engine handles Datasets

[ATE-3740] - RESTful get all imports in template

[ATE-3755] - Create "Select" debugger for JSON

[ATE-3756] - Create "Select" debugger for OData

[ATE-3757] - Create "Select" debugger for Salesforce

[ATE-3764] - RESTful: Support main engine output options to TIFF

[ATE-3766] - V2 REST api does not allow users to chose sync/async

[ATE-3788] - REST engine make v2/metrics async

[ATE-3791] - V2 RESTful engine use Report.Properties for all settings

[ATE-3792] - v2 RESTful engine use AccessProviders to read a template

[ATE-3795] - License not used in RESTful engine initalization

[ATE-3796] - Move all Report settings to Report.Properties

[ATE-3874] - User can remove a Linked POD from their Linked POD bin

[ATE-3898] - User can search POD Bin

[ATE-3907] - Added native Code 39 barcode support

[ATE-3908] - Add native Code 128 barcode support

[ATE-3909] - Add native ITF-14 barcode support

[ATE-3910] - Add native UPC-A barcode support

[ATE-3952] - License issues in Designer give more exception information

[ATE-3972] - RESTful V2 can recieve license key specified in header

[ATE-3992] - OpenAPI Specification for V2 REST API Released to Users

[ATE-4029] - REST V2/Reports endpoint is async

[ATE-4041] - PDF Output Invert bar in Bar Chart if Negative Value present

[ATE-4078] - Documentation shown at RESTful root endpoint is updated to document just the V2 endpoint

[ATE-4088] - Add native UPC-E barcode support

[ATE-4093] - "\n" and/or "\t" in the text for a parameter in RunReport converts to an actual new line or tab