Version 20.2.1 Release Notes


You can access the download to this release here

Customer Reported Defects#

[ATE-3758] - HD#27884 - Bookmark not linking in PDF output

[ATE-3859] - HD#28086-Nested ForEach loops throw exception when outer ForEach expands by Columns

[ATE-3863] - HD#28037 - data() function no longer works the same way in version 20

[ATE-3893] - HD#28048 - Chart PDF Issue with z-ordering of data series when custom theme colors used

[ATE-3899] - HD#28108 - PDF output crops image in Word template

[ATE-3932] - HD#28147 - Pie chart and legend colors incorrect when output to PDF

[ATE-3938] - HD#28132 - Corrupt data messages received when generating output

[ATE-3942] - HD#28163-Inserted Shape not showing up in PDF Output

[ATE-3946] - HD#28165 - Text beyond the hyperlink is clickable and follows the link

[ATE-3950] - HD#28162 - Attributes of the anchor tag are shown as text

[ATE-3951] - HD#28167-HTML is not imported correctly into HTML, Word or PDF output when inches used in html for size attribute

[ATE-3955] - HD#28066 - Generating output results in NullReferenceException with logic tags in the header

[ATE-3984] - HD#28180 - Image display issue in DOCX output due to stretch attribute

[ATE-4003] - HD#28210 - Combination line/column chart outputs incorrect plot area

[ATE-4053] - HD#28294-Donut Chart doesn't output to Word

[ATE-4060] - HD#28308 - Excel template with deleted if tag rows generates corrupt output with bad relative cell references

[ATE-4066] - HD#28210 - Bar chart too narrow and incorrect placement in PDF output

[ATE-4067] - HD#28210 - Donut Chart hole size is wrong in PDF output

[ATE-4068] - HD#28210 - Font Style not applied to donut chart data labels

[ATE-4079] - HD#28226 - NumberFormatException: line-height: normal HTML not handled

[ATE-4086] - HD#28020 - Tag Editor displays error: Unable to cast object when using set tag to store foreach tag query

[ATE-4097] - HD#28323 - Cannot use OData wizard more than once without crashing Word

[ATE-4107] - HD#28318 - Power Point Crashes when adding new input parameters

[ATE-4118] - HD#28354 - Output to HTML removes </a> tag

[ATE-4119] - HD#28301 - Certain images in PowerPoint template cause corrupt output

[ATE-4125] - HD#28376 - Closing angled bracket (>) within HTML attributes was causing text to be cut off due to HTML parsing issue

[ATE-4127] - HD#28331 - OData wizard erroring when query resulted in no data returned

[ATE-4174] - HD#28475-Excel template has borders turned on but they do not show up in HTML output

[ATE-4184] - HD#28480-Unable to use CDATA ADO.NET connector for AzureCosmoDB

[ATE-4202] - HD#28490-Chart has vertical x-axis labels in PDF output but they are setup as horizontal

[ATE-4203] - HD#28491-Market Drawdown Chart has incorrect x-axis labels in PDF output but Word is correct

[ATE-4204] - HD#28492-Market Drawdown Chart series expands outside the bounds of the chart for PDF output

[ATE-4211] - HD#28513-PowerPoint template with multiple SlideMasters throws NullReferenceException when outputting

[ATE-4212] - HD#28514-PowerPoint not handling master slides correctly

[ATE-4222] - HD#28522-Excel template throws Object reference not set to an instance of an object when nested for each loops and parent loop has Order property set to "Column"

[ATE-4226] - HD#28526 - Column width changes in Excel upon output when merged cells are in the first row

[ATE-4228] - HD#28545 - Generating XPath 2.0 output results in an exception that doesn't occur with XPath 1.0

[ATE-4229] - HD#28548-Word template java engine png output is incorrect if no background color specified

[ATE-4239] - HD#28553 - Text is repeating in Table of Contents sections when more than one Table of Contents

[ATE-4263] - HD#28532 - Exception thrown when generating PDF output using Museo fonts

[ATE-4277] - HD# 28838 v1 metrics request returns v2 metrics object

[ATE-4302] - HD#28625-Unable to add Input Parameters to any PowerPoint template

[ATE-4337] - CLONE - HD#28325 - Overlapping in the pdf document for versions higher than 15.

[ATE-4339] - HD#28627 - DOCX output results in Object reference not set to an instance of an object exception

[ATE-4349] - HD#28650-Scatter Chart PNG picture markers not honored in PDF output due to no data image supportshutdown

[ATE-4351] - HD#28642,HD#28648,HD#28651,HD#28786,HD#28451,HD#28885 - .NET Engine and Designer - Upgrade Causing Errors when running output because of missing DLL on older OS versions

[ATE-4378] - HD#28682 - Incorrect attributes in the command: Must have a select attribute - PowerPoint Template error in java engine and not on designer due to incorrect decoding of + symbol

[ATE-4380] - HD#28692-Windward-REST-version-2-Clients-master .NET Framework Client for RESTful doesn't work with Oracle datasource

[ATE-4383] - HD#28700-Designer: Out tag following for each tag with SQLite DB connection errors

[ATE-4405] - HD#28748-Metadata doesn't finishes writing out to data-source-library when exceeds 50,000 nodes

[ATE-4406] - HD#28455 - OData4 linked entities are not all being returned

[ATE-4427] - HD#28751 - RESTful engine not working on Windows Server 2012 because of missing DLL

[ATE-4448] - HD#28751,HD#28837,HD#28671,HD#28880,HD#28922,HD#28928- RESTful engine not working because of missing DLL

Internally Reported Defects#

[ATE-1920] - Output to PDF fails in PowerPoint Designer

[ATE-2253] - PowerPoint: Dragging and dropping the node from Data Bin shows query code

[ATE-2311] - PowerPoint: Selecting a graph on a slide crashes causes exception

[ATE-2678] - PowerPoint sample template Interactive Template for AutoTag.pptx fails to output

[ATE-2683] - PowerPoint not returning variables on multiple lines for output

[ATE-2962] - PowerPoint: Clicking Previous in Tag Editor and then saving causes the tag to be copied

[ATE-3663] - Connection to PostgreSQL fails if spaces are in connection string

[ATE-3797] - Absolute positioning not allowing negative numbers like Word

[ATE-3790] - Generate Code throws exception if template has datasets

[ATE-3852] - Exception error in PowerPoint. Unable to evaluate Photo variable. Prevents creation of new PowerPoint template.

[ATE-3988] - HTML <table> and <td> width CSS attribute causes two newlines to appear in output

[ATE-3994] - When "break" property in a ForEach Tag not set and outTag of type BITMAP "inside" the ForEach is anchored to ForEach it does not output different images

[ATE-3998] - When outputting a BITMAP in a forEach, it does not output other OutTag

[ATE-4134] - Template created in a prior Designer version but updated in a newer version still says the AutoTagVersion is the old version when no data was changed

[ATE-4145] - BTP | PDF output for Google_Analytics_Sample.pptx contains text overlapping and broken table formatting

[ATE-4238] - Unchecking "load metadata" - it still loads the metadata

[ATE-4276] - "Hide Tags" defaults to hiding the new tags in new documents

[ATE-4407] - POD bin functionality should not be enabled in the ribbon for PowerPoint

[ATE-4419] - Unable to output the table created from the Data bin

[ATE-4590] - All Windward Sample PPTX templates throw an error with version

New Functionality Development#

[ATE-1291] - Eliminate Injection Attacks by using xpathSelector.SetVariable() in XPath Wizard to set all variables in XPath 2.0 queries

[ATE-3580] - In Morph Java streams implement mark & skip

[ATE-3767] - Support editing of a Windward template in local Dropbox repo

[ATE-3768] - Support editing of a Windward template in local OneDrive repo

[ATE-3929] - Support PowerPoint master pages

[ATE-3970] - Designer users can change their Datasource connection URL (XML and JSON Datasource) at runtime

[ATE-4076] - HTML output that imports images can be displayed in email platforms that block embedded images

[ATE-4130] - 'shutdown' method used to shutdown license indicating end of use for old server

[ATE-4171] - Update to using Saxon 10.1 (and XPath 3.1)

[ATE-4172] - Sort Tables by specified fields

[ATE-4173] - Use the Saxon getMeta(node) to read in the datasource schema

[ATE-4248] - RESTful hits Salesforce Connector while using TLS 1.3

[ATE-4272] - Select themes for individual slides in PowerPoint

[ATE-4273] - Refactor PPTX to make new development and bug fixes easier

[ATE-4274] - Have engines call License Server to free license on engine shutdown