Version 20.3.0 Release Notes


You can access the download to this release here

Customer Reported Defects#

[ATE-3864] - HD#28093-Failed to execute JSON query if a field contained spaces

[ATE-4084] - HD#28310 - Exception in XLSX template containing FOREACH with order=column and IF tags

[ATE-4213] - HD#28515 A picture in a slide layout throws an exception for output to formats other than PPTX

[ATE-4236] - HD#28493 - Fixed an exception when processing a non-legacy ForEach in a table containing an inner table

[ATE-4237] - HD#28560 - Substring-before and substring-after function issues in XPath 2.0

[ATE-4249] - HD#28572 - Updated wiki link and email subject for technical issues inn the Java Engine Documentation_Index.htm

[ATE-4250] - HD#28582 - Set correct dpi info from img header in .net engine

[ATE-4253] - HD#28585-Tags copy down every row of inserted tables in Excel templates

[ATE-4264] - HD#28597 - Handle table styles turned on, but not defined

[ATE-4268] - HD#28602 - Not spacing down for a paragraph with just a picture in it

[ATE-4269] - HD#28598 - The header layout was not adding a blank line after a picture set to wrap top & bottom

[ATE-4270] - HD#28487 - Error in handling rotated textboxes

[ATE-4303] - HD#28626- XSNV Unable to anchor a Chart tag to an IF tag in an Excel template

[ATE-4341] - HD#Webinar - All mathematic macros in the function editor would not show parameters.

[ATE-4342] - Webinar - Menu strings for out tag dropdown type now correlate correctly

[ATE-4354] - HD#28658-Output has major problems if template is set to column mode - with 1 column

[ATE-4358] - HD#28656-Macro text cannot end with a \

[ATE-4363] - HD#28672 - Out tag condition field disabled for type TXT

[ATE-4382] - HD#28691 - Word can not show tags expected in tree if a textbox is above it with tags in it

[ATE-4385] - HD#28704 - Include abs pos table in spacing post page break

[ATE-4394] - HD#28714-XSNV throwing (IndexOutOfBoundsException)

[ATE-4401] - HD#28735-Problems with a chart in Windward-Problem 2

[ATE-4415] - HD#28744-Corrupt DOCX and bad PDF rendering

[ATE-4416] - HD#28760 -Corrupt DOCX and bad PDF rendering

[ATE-4423] - CLONE - Some text is overlapping other text in PDF output

[ATE-4426] - HD#28777 - Charts that reference an external (not embedded) file through an exception.

[ATE-4434] - HD#28796-Batches using "office for pdf output" now runs each report

[ATE-4450] - HD#28719 -Excel sheet break not adding a new worksheet at the start of the first iteration

[ATE-4467] - HD#28845 - Error in handling rotated textboxes

[ATE-4468] - HD#28855-Scatter plot issue

[ATE-4470] - HD#28821 - Output Template does not contain background image, header, and footer when using section break wrapped in an If Tag

[ATE-4487] - HD#28884-Do Not Use HTMLParagraphAutoSpacing setting as well as write out val=0 for auto before/after spacing

[ATE-4493] - #28765 - inline textbox followed by inline picture - the picture is rendered over the textbox

[ATE-4508] - HD#28913-Use minor axis unit instead of 1

[ATE-4513] - HD#28919 - Text layout is ignoring an absolutely positioned table in the middle of a text run.

[ATE-4514] - HD#28918 - Checkbox display issue in PDF output

[ATE-4516] - HD#28930 - Arabic table reversed in DOCX output

[ATE-4525] - HD#28937-JSON can't sort if sort property is different types (int & float) in member values

[ATE-4527] - HD#28846-Barcode support in version 20

[ATE-4532] - HD#28874 - Change to properly apply chars and attributes

[ATE-4534] - HD#28936 - Numbered lists from child templates are not numbering correctly

[ATE-4546] - HD#28943 - HTML template parser does not handle font-size='medium', etc.

[ATE-4564] - HD#28965 - Generating output results in NullReferenceException in XSNV

[ATE-4566] - HD#28969-PPT Template throws error on generation

[ATE-4572] - HD#28542 - using the columns setting in the header/footer and header/footer can’t have columns.

[ATE-4577] - HD#28973 - Text is overlapping in PDF output when using hard column breaksoutput

[ATE-4604] - HD#29016 - No ForEach Tag results are displayed in the Tag Editor if results are atomic values

[ATE-4605] - HD#29018 - Output is resulting in Failed to evaluate query distinct-values

[ATE-4622] - HD#29038-XLSX output doesn't retain formatting

[ATE-4623] - HD#29026 - Is parsing numbers in data using local syntax instead of standard 12345.67

[ATE-4624] - Throws exception rendering Shape to PDF output

[ATE-4629] - HD#29036 - Does not show all nodes in tag builder when parent forEach returns values (not nodes)

[ATE-4636] - HD#29036 - Document generation issue for distinct-values

[ATE-4647] - HD#29039 - Tag / Properties / Condition not active when type is TXT

Internally Reported Defects#

[ATE-2488] - REGRESSION | CHARTS: Color of columns in default column chart changes in PDF output

[ATE-3075] - Extra line in PDF output

[ATE-3079] - Extra page in docx output

[ATE-3654] - SUM() macro does not work in Equation Wizard

[ATE-4150] - The OData wizard re-reads the Model from the datasource when opened

[ATE-4271] - Function Arguments window displays #VALUE!

[ATE-4357] - Unable to use set tag SUM which also affects a tutorial

[ATE-4490] - Java engine generates the corrupted DOCX output

[ATE-4491] - The font size isn't applied to the data labels for the Combination line/column and bar charts

[ATE-4542] - XLSX output has borders missing

[ATE-4544] - XLSX template not keeping bold formatting on output.

[ATE-4545] - XLSX Output not retaining formatting: Test alignment not centered.

[ATE-4618] - Running an unsaved template will fail to initialize the engine

[ATE-4620] - If the engine hit an exception generating a document in designer, no error as displayed.

[ATE-4631] - Datasource nodes are not updated after changing data file of the datasource

[ATE-4640] - Receive 505 error: The HTTP version specified is not supported for this operation by the server.

[ATE-4673] - Remove Update PODS from PODs window

[ATE-4685] - Does not properly handle "< ... " before a "< ... />" tag in text

New Functionality Development#

[ATE-3475] - Upgrade to log4j 2

[ATE-4582] - Reword status banner for Pro online license keys so Customers are not confused