Version 21.0.3 Release Notes


You can access the download to this release here

Customer Reported Defects#

[ATE-4255] - HD#28393 - The text of the bar chart is not aligned if the report is generated from a java engine

[ATE-4360] - HD#27920 - Java Engine chart issues

[ATE-4384] - HD#28657 - Oracle Stored Procedures returning results as a named parameter were failing

[ATE-4412] - HD#28722-line chart over scatter plot chart is not working

[ATE-4471] - HD#28317 - Issues with printing in pdf

[ATE-4552] - HD#28952-X and y axis labels incorrect in PDF output but correct in Word output

[ATE-4607] - HD#29014 - Output is resulting in The required item type of the first operand of '/' is node()

[ATE-4608] - HD#28982 - Images printed only partly in PDF output

[ATE-4609] - HD#29010 - Excel format is wrong for child vertically merged cells

[ATE-4616] - HD#28532, HD#28751 - Problems updating RESTful engine from to - "TrackErrors" error handling no longer working for 2 or 3

[ATE-4626] - HD#28997 - Dynamically hide chart on separate Excel sheet based on the JSON datafile value

[ATE-4630] - HD#29045, HD#29184 - Input Parameters do not provide an input field if values returned are greater than 50

[ATE-4637] - HD#29074 - Issues outputting to PDF after upgrade to latest release

[ATE-4638] - HD#29060 - PDF output justifies last line of text in a cell before a soft cell break; has the wrong x position for text just after the break.

[ATE-4639] - HD#29024 - The generated PDF has encryption set

[ATE-4641] - HD#29059 - exception in report since

[ATE-4644] - HD#29090 - XPath Wizard changing the query if 3+ peer or (also and) operations are in the query

[ATE-4648] - HD#29029-Risk Chart on page 10 of template is not correct in PDF output both negative and positive values are in RED

[ATE-4652] - HD#29115-Is an error thrown if a template has a JSON node in an OUT tag but that node does not exist in the JSON datasource? This is the behavior we would like

[ATE-4657] - HD#29118-Chart X-Axis Missing in PDF Output

[ATE-4658] - HD#29119-Chart base tab and added chart tag switch chart types in DOCX output

[ATE-4659] - HD#29120-Line Chart is completely flat and without a Y Axis in PDF output

[ATE-4660] - HD#29121-Chart Legend images do not match the template in PDF output

[ATE-4661] - HD#29122-HTML and PDF output do not match the alignment is off

[ATE-4665] - HD#28876 - Specified-width and Specified-height are no longer working for Text Tags if type=BITMAP is not set

[ATE-4672] - HD#29137-Need the end year to appear on the x-axis of a chart

[ATE-4680] - Xactly DB takes too long to query its DB the DataBin shows their schema but you can't pull data from it

[ATE-4681] - HD#29105-Large Excel worksheets with lots of formulas take forever

[ATE-4683] - HD#29136-HMS Letter Template does not produce output or throw any exceptions

[ATE-4684] - HD#29151-Save Tag Tree throws exception if tags in header or footer

[ATE-4686] - HD#29157-PPTX template complains for missing EndForEach Tag when it is already present

[ATE-4694] - HD29158-Using a test license causes additional pages for PDF output

[ATE-4702] - HD#29072 - Linked templates PODs not updating automatically when saved

[ATE-4705] - HD#28998 - Extra paragraphs added when parsing HTML template

[ATE-4719] - HD#29192 - Horizontally merged cells formatting not displaying properly in xlsx output

[ATE-4736] - PDF output is inserting sever blank pages befor a chart

[ATE-4760] - HD#29208-Bar and Line Chart correct in Word output but incorrect in PDF Output showing unwanted bar chart legend

[ATE-4766] - HD#29202 - Wizard does not create a working REGEXREPLACE function

[ATE-4781] - HD#29216 - Generating output is resulting in OutOfMemoryException

[ATE-4782] - Handle paragraph beforeAutospacing & afterAutospacing

[ATE-4787] - HD#29235 - Standard deviation macro is not calculating correctly

[ATE-4790] - HD#28841 - Expression must evaluate to a node-set.

[ATE-4792] - HD#29103 - Bug in the 'PROPER' equation

[ATE-4794] - HD#29299 - Document generation issue

[ATE-4797] - HD#29248 - Conditional Formatting not applied to the output

[ATE-4799] - HD#29253-OData - Template.docx sample template is the wrong template using wrong datasource URL

[ATE-4815] - HD#29091 - Blank pages after import of .PDF

[ATE-4817] - HD#28929 - Customized Styles "DAPC Level 1" and "DAPC Level 2" lost after output generation

[ATE-4836] - HD#29282 - Output is resulting in NullReferenceException

[ATE-4837] - HD#29277 - PDF layout issues that DOCX does not display

[ATE-4838] - HD#29182 -Issue in converting string to datetime value

[ATE-4839] - HD#29276 - Issue when using   in li tag

[ATE-4840] - HD#29233 - Unwanted table cells in the PowerPoint output

[ATE-4842] - HD#29243 - Unable to Stored Procedure with json as Input parameter

[ATE-4843] - HD#29247 - Unable to apply Select/Where clause on table results of Stored Procedure

[ATE-4844] - HD#29291-HTML not rendered in Word template output when Out tag type property is set to TEMPLATE

[ATE-4845] - HD#29284-Size adjustment for multiple out tags in same Excel cell

[ATE-4850] - HD#29245 - Generating output is resulting in unknown variable

[ATE-4858] - HD#29305 - ForEach Tag Var Status Variables not working for custom functions

[ATE-4859] - HD#28317 - Issue with font in tables on PDF

[ATE-4860] - HD#29302 - Error Generating Report - Nested Table with Merged Row Cells

[ATE-4862] - HD#29317,29515-Document Locking Example - I need to be able to edit sections of the generated output rather than the template file before generation

[ATE-4897] - HD#29339 - Changing to some chart types in chart tag deletes entire tag

[ATE-4914] - HD#29353 - Generating output is resulting in exception “Array dimensions exceeded supported range”

[ATE-4932] - HD#29378 - Exception thrown when have a hard page break in the middle of paragraph content.

[ATE-4942] - HD#29392 - exception thrown when multi-threaded docgen of templates with numbered lists

[ATE-4947] - CLONE - HD#29392 - exception thrown when multi-threaded docgen of templates with numbered lists

[ATE-4952] - HD#29409 - Footer content placed lower than it should be

[ATE-4959] - HD#29341 - DOCX output is fully locked even though its set to partially locked

[ATE-4977] - HD#29432-Data labels in chart are grey in PDF output should be black

[ATE-5068] - HD#29557 - Compile error due to DataSourceNode (Obfuscation issue)

[ATE-5087] - Webinar, HD#29568, HD#29607 - Date formatting is not saving

[ATE-5184] - HD#29763,HD#29778,HD#29775,HD#29781,HD#29771,HD#29767,HD#29769,HD#29776,

HD#29774,HD#29770,HD#29784,HD#29786,HD#29804,HD#29809,HD#29814,HD#29824,HD#29828,HD#29832,HD#29841,HD#29852,HD#29860,HD#29881,HD#29905 - Not able to add any Tag in Document

Internally Reported Defects#

[ATE-3649] - HTML template parsing fails if there are CSS comments in the HTML

[ATE-3651] - Store AutoTag closing not called when changing license keys

[ATE-4359] - Unable to change input parameter name then click OK

[ATE-4479] - Version 20 has message "Autotag15 recommends..."

[ATE-4649] - Developer Tester needed: Is obfuscating enums in the classes TemplateVariable & TemplateVariableValues

[ATE-4650] - Receive unhandled exception error when running RunReport in .NET Core.

[ATE-4688] - Dragging and dropping POD from the PODs Bin receives an exception in Excel & PowerPoint (after 2+ drops)

[ATE-4689] - For chart & bitmap tags, have ElementChart & ElementPict in the document body and each has a getTag()

[ATE-4695] - Add TinyElement.add() methods, add unit tests

[ATE-4730] - Remove setting datasource select to all param marker if there are no parameters

[ATE-4756] - Fix templates that TestAllSampleTemplates reports as bad

[ATE-4758] - Shape in header should only push the start of the header down when appropiate

[ATE-4779] - SQL connections set to use connection string - don't

[ATE-4818] - Unable to run Oracle Catapult sample, even after installing the Oracle connector per Ohana instructions.

[ATE-4892] - Create new RunReport.dll.config for .NET Core

[ATE-4937] - Unable to edit Scatter plot if series selected in Office

[ATE-4955] - Do not process empty data point when calculating a chart's min/max data values

[ATE-4956] - If a macro is passed an array and needs a scalar value, use [0]

[ATE-4961] - Colors of bar and line are wrong

[ATE-4962] - When selecting Cone or Pyramid type bar charts an error is received.

[ATE-4987] - Charts - Column and Line Overlay Chart PDF differs from Word.

[ATE-4990] - Unable to initiate/install the Java Engine log.

[ATE-4991] - Java engine fails to read CMYK jpeg images

[ATE-4994] - OData integer column and Designer integer input param are incompatible:

[ATE-4998] - Stored Procedure query debugger is not working

[ATE-5004] - The user is not taken to a dialog to enter a code, they are just returned to the registration dialog. No ability to enter a code.

[ATE-5009] - Running a template from designer throws (caught) exception opening file

[ATE-5012] - Output doesn't contain changes that were made in template

New Functionality Development#

[ATE-2880] - Designer Users can use hotkeys for immediate tag insertions

[ATE-3658] - Improve logging when import tag fails

[ATE-3835] - Hub email/password can be used to license/activate Designer

[ATE-4015] - A user can upload a a template to Hub from inside of Designer

[ATE-4018] - User can open templates stored on Hub inside Designer

[ATE-4076] - HTML & OpenXML can output linked images from import tag

[ATE-4111] - Designer users specify license in product instead of installer

[ATE-4704] - Remove UpdatePods app from distribution

[ATE-4706] - HD#29153 - Pass Soft Hyphen without rendering it as normal hyphen in DOCX

[ATE-4707] - Add a Split(String splitMe, String splitChars) macro to split a string into an array of strings

[ATE-4708] - Pressing the Escape key exits the query wizards & connection editor

[ATE-4709] - Auto-save the template when generating a report

[ATE-4710] - Button in options that resets all one time warnings for Designer

[ATE-4711] - Add Distinct() macro to return passed in array with all distinct entries

[ATE-4716] - User is required to give their Hub password again in Designer after 24 hours of inactivity

[ATE-4725] - Remove WindwardCustomCallbacks & WindwardCustomFunctions from the Java & .Net engine

[ATE-4731] - In Html parse add new objects to the parent body

[ATE-4735] - Handle alpha channel in shape background colors.

[ATE-4745] - Convert all .NET code samples to use NuGet for the Windward library

[ATE-4769] - Add Endpoint in RESTful Engine for handling large files

[ATE-4814] - Java RESTful Engine supports all Output Types

[ATE-4816] - Java RESTful Engine properties specified locally to a report

[ATE-4821] - Java RESTful Engine users can access Tags through API (GET /v2/tagtree)

[ATE-4822] - License not used in Java RESTful engine initialization

[ATE-4823] - Java RESTful Engine supports any ADO.NET connector

[ATE-4824] - Java RESTful can receive license key specified in header

[ATE-4826] - Java RESTful logs full stack trace and inner exceptions

[ATE-4827] - Java RESTful Engine can specify License key when calling the engine API

[ATE-4831] - Output to image formats from Java RESTful Engine

[ATE-4832] - Java RESTful Engine users pass license key as a header

[ATE-4871] - Users can get the version number of Java RESTful Engine

[ATE-4872] - Java RESTful Engine returns information stored in a template (POST METRICS)

[ATE-4873] - Java RESTful Engine returns a guid for tagtree (POST /v2/tagtree)

[ATE-4874] - Java RESTful Engine generates output from a document template

[ATE-4875] - Java RESTful Engine retrieves an asynchronously generated document using its GUID

[ATE-4876] - Java RESTful Engine deletes an asynchronously generated document using its GUID

[ATE-4877] - Java RESTful Engine users can view status of asynchronously-generated output

[ATE-4878] - Java RESTful Engine can retrieve an asynchronously generated metrics using its GUID

[ATE-4879] - Java RESTful can delete an asynchronously generated metrics using its GUID

[ATE-4880] - Java RESTful gets the status of an asynchronously generated metrics using its GUID

[ATE-4881] - Java RESTful retrieves an asynchronously generated tag tree using its GUID

[ATE-4882] - Java RESTful Engine deletes an asynchronously generated tag tree using its GUID

[ATE-4883] - Java RESTful gets the status of an asynchronous request to generate a tag tree using its GUID

[ATE-4895] - "Windward Hub" ribbon is shown for users authenticating Hub with their Hub login

[ATE-4899] - User can select a template on Hub to open in the Windward Designer

[ATE-4986] - Track Hub users in Designer

[ATE-5076] - Update license agreement in installers to Windward Studios, Ltd.