Version 21.3.0 Release Notes


You can access the download to this release here

Customer Reported Defects#

[ATE-5442] HD#30020 - Footer and page number issue when include PDF file in a report

[ATE-5439] HD#30151 - Blank pages added to PDF output

[ATE-5421] HD#29765 - Text is missing in PDF output

[ATE-5409] HD#29949-PPTX Chart shifts up in PDF output

[ATE-5406] HD#29949-PPTX images from slide master in wrong position in PDF output

[ATE-5405] HD#29949-PPTX table colors are wrong in PDF output

[ATE-5404] HD#29949-PPTX text misaligned in table in PDF output

[ATE-5395] HD#30110 - Outputting a document to HTML that has a Linked POD image, does not display in output

[ATE-5393] Webinar - Number1 field does not display the first value but displays System.Object[]

[ATE-5382] HD#29647 - Inconsistent guid in error from SelectByEngineGuidAsync in engine

[ATE-5374] HD#30080 - Checkboxes are not displayed in the color set up in the template when output to PDF

[ATE-5366] HD#30073 - Data overlap in PDF output

[ATE-5362] HD#30072 - Images referenced in HTML are not outputted

[ATE-5356] HD#29966 - Report Engine for RESTFul logging

[ATE-5333] HD#30028 - EMF or WMF Image in the header makes document generation very slow

[ATE-5332] HD#30023 - No color table borders are visible in HTML output

[ATE-5331] HD#30027,HD#30189 - Watermark image is overlapping the header in PDF output

[ATE-5323] HD#30004 - Proper function does not recognize Z as a letter

[ATE-5316] HD#29712 - Formatting not displayed in Excel output

[ATE-5315] HD#29816 - Symbols are not displayed in the output

[ATE-5309] HD#29992-Bar chart does not render in PDF output

[ATE-5304] HD#29986-Images in table causing the table row to line break in HTML output

[ATE-5303] HD#29985-Images in table causing the table row to be taller in both HTML and PDF output than is shown in the Word Template

[ATE-5302] HD#29984 -Issues with the HTML table is not rendering correctly in PDF output

[ATE-5298] HD#29975 - A log file is not created when you specify the location of file as a URL

[ATE-5296] HD#29967 - Space is missing after first strong HTML tag closure

[ATE-5292] HD#29957 - Text after hyperlink is being displayed with different font

[ATE-5282] HD#29949-PPTX slide master background color wrong in PDF output

[ATE-5270] HD#29920-3D Pie Chart does not honor color changes in PDF output

[ATE-5263] HD#29906 - Generating PDF output is resulting in an exception

[ATE-5255] HD#29834-Out tag type=TEMPLATE throws an error if that Out tag is bulleted if it is not bulleted then no error

[ATE-5249] HD#29875, HD#29999 - Get a NullReferenceException Error when using version,,

[ATE-5244] HD#29931 - Shape color is wrong in PDF output

[ATE-5233] HD#29839-Order Inventory Date Range Sample - Template.xlsx Worksheet date, percentage, and currency formatting lost in generated output

[ATE-5232] HD#29838-Order Inventory Date Range Sample - Template.xlsx Worksheet cell shading formatting lost in generated output

[ATE-5231] HD#29837,HD#29758 - Order Inventory Date Range Sample - Template.xlsx Worksheet totals for both orders and total dollars incorrect

[ATE-5211] HD#29812 - Designer output is resulting in Could not convert the data '0.00.0' to a NUMBER using the pattern .

[ATE-5210] HD#29811 - CData number value is being treated as a string instead of number

[ATE-5189] HD#29691 - Template throws different error messages and doesn't output

[ATE-5169] HD#29735-Excel Formatting Question 2

[ATE-5139] HD#29671 - Font used in output is not the font used in the template for text following content controls

[ATE-5132] HD#29662,HD#30137 - XPath queries not handling Big Integers correctly

[ATE-5100] HD#29599 - XML with default namespace returns no nodes with def prefix

Internally Reported Defects#

[ATE-5430] Cannot compare xs:string to xs:integer issue

[ATE-5381] PDF Document Properties and Java Engine logging is showing version instead of version

[ATE-5373] Include msvcp120.dll and msvcr120.dll in Windward Designer Installer

[ATE-5344] Clean Template in Word doesn't update Chart Tags to the new 21.0 tag standard with Tag Ids, breaking Tag Tree traversal of the template

[ATE-5308] Excel Clean Template removes some Import Tags with type BITMAP, leaves the default image

[ATE-5307] Excel Clean Template removes Out Tags with BITMAPS, leaves the default image

[ATE-5301] PowerPoint 'Clean Template' Removes all Tag Functionality from template

[ATE-5299] Word Clean Template Removes Chart Tags, but leaves the Chart

New Functionality Development#

[ATE-5459] HD#30171-Remove Reliance on open source library ScintillaNET

[ATE-5435] Reduce frequency Pro License requires with License Server

[ATE-5431] Reduce frequency Flex requires with License Server

[ATE-5399] .NET RESTful Engine : Allow code in a custom plugin to run after template processing has completed but prior to allowing return of document

[ATE-5376] Show Word Template Table of Contents in Navigation Pane for PDF Output

[ATE-5338] Tag out an Excel template to have both dynamic rows and columns when the columns are nested for two column headers

[ATE-5322] Add ability to use external storage repository in Java RESTful Engine

[ATE-5122] Carry over Excel conditional formatting when outputting to Excel from Excel Template