Version 21.4.0 Release Notes


You can access the download to this release here

Customer Reported Defects#

[ATE-5628] HD#30315 - Index: 1, Size: 1 (IndexOutOfBoundsException) windward Error for Version

[ATE-5612] HD#30235 - Font size too small: 0.0 (IllegalArgumentException) when output to PDF

[ATE-5608] HD#30296 - Layout setting resulting in Word experienced an error trying to open the file

[ATE-5605] Custom Processing DLL and Namespace are misspelled

[ATE-5602] CLONE - HD#29403,HD#29742 - Table issues when End ForEach Tag deleteRow property set to true

[ATE-5601] CLONE - HD#29556 - Text is overlapping another cell in PDF output

[ATE-5530] HD#30247 - Issue in Upgrade from to

[ATE-5484] Null Pointer Exception on output for ticket ATE-5229: Converting date to UK format

[ATE-5478] HD#30199 - Bottom border line missing in PDF output

[ATE-5457] HD#30160 - Extra page added to generated PDF document when import tag on blank page

[ATE-5452] HD#30164 - Vertical alignment in footer is not respected in PDF output

[ATE-5451] HD#30163 - TIFF Image transparency failing for PDF output

[ATE-5429] HD#29990 - the selected table is generated with double borders

[ATE-5427] HD#29990 - Line break is added to DIV if inside list when importing html

[ATE-5426] HD#29990 - Hyperlink not formatted if imported with no styling

[ATE-5415] HD#28999 - Issue with Red tint in image processed by Java Engine

[ATE-5414] HD#30129 - Java engine PPTX Table style is incorrect in output

[ATE-5413] HD#30086 - Bullet points missing in Java Engine PPTX output

[ATE-5412] HD#30055 - #NAME? is displayed for Tags in old Excel templates

[ATE-5410] HD#30124 - Report Engine for JAVA RESTFul intermittent failure

[ATE-5395] HD#30110 - Outputting a document to HTML that has a Linked POD image, does not display in output

[ATE-5394] HD#30068 - table inside a table with properties 'order = column' - issue with alignment

[ATE-5385] HD#29926-Pie Chart Data Labels CategoryName and Value separator is a newline but you get a comma instead in the output

[ATE-5384] HD#29926-Pie Chart Data Labels CategoryName and Value separator is a newline but you get a comma instead in the output

[ATE-5383] HD#29952-PPTX template does not output the slide number in the generated PPTX output

[ATE-5369] HD#30065 - Imaging Scaling off of Page - Converting MS Word to PDF

[ATE-5368] HD#30011 - Xpath expression with nested variable selects throws exception

[ATE-5313] HD#29995-Excel conditional formatting is causing FLOAT number to generate as text in my output

[ATE-5252] HD#29166 - Receive IndexOutOfBoundsException using Macros with some json data sources.

[ATE-5248] HD#29866 - Using an import tag in a table results in exception depending on xml file used

[ATE-5241] HD#29639 - Date in Portuguese not printing properly

[ATE-5129] HD#29655 - Corrupt output file created when logic tags are in TOC

[ATE-5110] HD#29624 - deleteRow property works when the ForEach Tag order property is set to legacy

[ATE-5018] HD#29496 - ForEach tag order column issue in excel report can result in exceptions

[ATE-4999] HD#29415 - XLSX Page Layout Settings Not Carried Over in PDF Output

[ATE-4976] HD#29431 - Include Microsoft.IdentityModel.Clients.ActiveDirectory.dll in RESTful install

Internally Reported Defect#

[ATE-5218] Update all Webinar sample templates for the Tag Tree to properly work using the new ID functionality.

[ATE-5341] Running Clean Template output results in corrupt Word document with "Chart Sample SQL - Template.docx"

[ATE-5310] "Pivot Table - Template.xlsx" Output needs to be repaired by Excel to open

New Functionality Development#

[ATE-5603] Return Proper Response Code for Unauthorized License Key RESTful

[ATE-5586] HD#29480-SQL Schema Data Source

[ATE-5543] License passed through header does not need to be formatted before use (.NET RESTful)

[ATE-4854] QA: CLONE - Change JavaDoc Windward "Reports" to Windward "Document Generation" 21.0.0