Version 22.1.0 Release Notes


You can access the download to this release here

Customer Reported Defects#

[ATE-6036] HD#30456 missing shape in PDF output

[ATE-6035] HD#30456 Graphic shape positioned too high in pdf output

[ATE-6033] HD#30456 Table not wrapping below absolutly positioned image

[ATE-6032] HD#30456 Table row height too small in PDF output

[ATE-5934] CLONE - HD#30712 - Exception when applying conditional formatting to entire columns or rows in Excel (v22.1)

[ATE-5897] HD#30572 - Root Directory not saving after setting value in Connection Wizard

[ATE-5895] HD#30456 Shape auto resize not working correctly

[ATE-5888] HD#30676 - Styling issues for Table in PowerPoint template when forEach has no data

[ATE-5882] HD#30638-Nested ForEach loops in pptx template has trouble with inner foreach variable not being seen during output but is present when editing the tags

[ATE-5881] HD#30620 - If Tag deleteRow Property not deleting EndIf Tag row

[ATE-5874] HD#30625-RESTful engine throws Null Reference Exception instead of the actual error from template processing

[ATE-5873] HD#30657-Java RESTful Engine server ServiceError always returns in XML

[ATE-5870] HD#30617 - Style settings in output DOCX don't match the input DOCX

[ATE-5865] HD#30623 - Inner foreach with 1 row returns no rows when evaluated

[ATE-5864] CLONE - HD#30628 - Top and bottom borders are not displayed in DOCX output

[ATE-5862] HD#30632 - Out Tag within a ForEach loop not outputting values

[ATE-5861] HD#30635 - Xpath 3 comparison of different data types throws exception

[ATE-5840] HD#30604 - Exception received indicating Could not convert the data to a DATE using a pattern

[ATE-5838] HD#30596 - Exception found when generating this template in which was working in v20.0.2.0

[ATE-5834] HD#30608-ForEach loop does not complete correctly when order is set to Column in PowerPoint template

[ATE-5833] HD#30598-PowerPoint conditional formatting of Text Color not honored in output

[ATE-5831] HD#30605 - Scatter chart does not have all points with same X value in docx output

[ATE-5799] HD#30586 - The horizontal border line not appearing in PDF output

[ATE-5798] HD#30583 - Vertical text alignment issue in PDF output

[ATE-5794] HD#30542 - Commas not showing in output on Excel when using SQL formatting

[ATE-5789] HD#30582 - Macro in out tag tries to return array instead of just the first value

[ATE-5787] HD#30554 - Conditional formatting does not work with variables for some properties

[ATE-5776] HD#30577-Variable does not hold value after exiting ForEach loop

[ATE-5775] HD#30529 - Styles not retained when importing sub-template

[ATE-5770] HD#30545 - First words in the first list item are not bold

[ATE-5769] HD#30532-PPTX Output File Size 5x larger before your first save

[ATE-5768] HD#30546 - There is an extra blank bullet list item

[ATE-5767] HD#30524 - First item in the list is a number and not a bullet point

[ATE-5758] HD#30516 - Extra Pages being added to PDF

[ATE-5754] HD#30353 - Object reference not set to an instance of an object. Bulletpoint issue

[ATE-5737] HD#30431 - Import of invalid PDF fails with IndexOutOfBoundsException

[ATE-5733] Fix run.bat for .net client samples on git to use right path

[ATE-5714] HD#30409 - Index was outside the bounds of the array. (IndexOutOfRangeException)

[ATE-5713] HD#30428-Template Table Issues

[ATE-5709] HD#30327 - Bad table layout in header

[ATE-5704] HD#30402 - Bar Chart X Axis labels truncate instead of wrap

[ATE-5695] HD#30396 - Xlsx template cell references in foreach and if tags are incorrect in output

[ATE-5686] HD#30172 - Bold thickness issue in PDF output

[ATE-5671] HD#30282 - Sum formulas using absolute cell references (ie $) not updated correctly in output

[ATE-5667] HD#30363 json,HD#30376xml-Nested ForEach Loop throws error on inner ForEach

[ATE-5656] HD#30365 - Issue with Spreadsheet (Secure Encrypt)

[ATE-5400] HD#30098,HD#30114-JSON data source window blank in Excel and PowerPoint

Internally Reported Defects#

[ATE-5922] Change the label on the checkbox in Designer for 'Use Experimental Tag Processing'

[ATE-5921] The link to the documentation in the "Help" section is broken

[ATE-5909] When 'Use Experimental Tag Processing' is checked and the template is output a NullReferenceException is received.

[ATE-5812] Java RESTful engine nullpointerexception when using trackErrors

[ATE-5811] PDFNet.dll not inside .NET Engine NuGet package

[ATE-5772] Connection string with invalid URL causes lots of waiting in Designer

[ATE-5734] File system dependency directly in java restful engine

[ATE-5705] Expanded table columns not reflected in PPTX output

[ATE-5694] Equation Editor and Wizard don't fill out the DATEDDATA function properly

[ATE-5693] Custom Function WORKD.INTL doesn't generate correct output

[ATE-5692] Equation Editor for the function YEAR doesn't provide the correct fields

[ATE-5691] Equation Editor for the function SECOND doesn't provide the correct fields

[ATE-5690] Equation Editor for the function HOUR doesn't provide the correct fields

[ATE-5689] Equation Editor for the function MINUTE doesn't provide the correct fields

[ATE-5679] Equation Editor for function WORKD.INTL doesn't provide the correct fields

[ATE-5192] Customer template (HD#29482) | Arithmetic exception in PDF output

[ATE-5191] Customer template (HD#29482) | Corrupted PPTX output

New Functionality Development#

[ATE-6081] Designer no longer ships with sample templates

[ATE-6055] Don't build RESTful engine Windows Installer

[ATE-6052] RunReport command line code available on github

[ATE-6040] Add logging surrounding the callback feature for the RESTful Engine

[ATE-5916] Remove Lurker code from Designer Code base

[ATE-5890] Performance data in Java restful logs

[ATE-5884] HD#30670-Add support for embedded fonts in PPTX

[ATE-5876] Performance data in .net restful logs

[ATE-5850] .NET Engine is available as a zip of DLLs

[ATE-5849] Java Engine is available as a zip of jars

[ATE-5846] .NET Engine should no longer have a Windows installer

[ATE-5845] Java Engine should no longer have a Windows installer

[ATE-5843] GatherMetadata.exe is available as a stand alone utility

[ATE-5842] CleanTemplates.exe is available as a stand alone utility

[ATE-5841] Get PDFNet.dll via NuGet package

[ATE-5822] Write version of XSNV used to PDF output file

[ATE-5821] Write version of XSNV used to PowerPoint output file

[ATE-5820] Write version of XSNV used to Excel output file

[ATE-5819] Write version of XSNV used to Word output file

[ATE-5818] Write version of XSNV used for processing a template to the "header" printed when processing from the command line

[ATE-5817] Write version of XSNV used for processing a template to the log file

[ATE-5816] Allow Designer users to switch to and from new XSNV Version within the designer UI

[ATE-5788] Remove JAR_Versions.txt from Java engine installation

[ATE-5771] upgrade log4j to 2.17.2 for latest CVE issues

[ATE-5701] Return error object when there is an error Java RESTful Engine

[ATE-5700] Return 401 Unauthorized when there is a license error Java RESTful Engine

[ATE-5657] Enable or Disable including headers on imported PDF

[ATE-5643] Sample S3 Custom Repo Plugin for .NET RESTful Engine

[ATE-4392] PPTX Template OUT tag for HTML type property offers type TEMPLATE to render text-based HTML