Version 22.2.1 Release Notes


You can access the download to this release here

Customer Reported Defects#

[ATE-6252] HD#30975 - Issue with images

[ATE-6167] CLONE - HD#30821-xpath exception

[ATE-6154] HD#30865 - table inside a table - horizontal borders are doubled just before the page change

[ATE-6138] HD#30857-Template throws exception when generating PDF output DOCX is fine

[ATE-6137] HD#30813 - Color of line in chart changes in .PDF output

[ATE-6135] HD#30845-PNG-imports not showing up in the right places with version

[ATE-6111] HD#30800 - HTML text formatting issues

[ATE-6108] HD#30795-Java RESTful engine using font.files and but those settings are being ignored

[ATE-6100] HD#30746 - SWITCH CASE Tag in PowerPoint

[ATE-6079] HD#30772 - Checkbox issue

[ATE-6054] HD#30713 - PDF output not displaying full section text

[ATE-6047] HD#30727 - Exception received: Could not convert the data '2019-01-07 00:00:00.000' to a DATE using the pattern yyyy-MM-dd hh:mm:ss.sss

[ATE-6034] HD#30456 Absolute positioned objects and text boxes placed incorrectly in pdf output

[ATE-5933] HD#30689 - TEXT function used in Set Tag not carrying over to other Set Tags

[ATE-5898] HD#30693 - Partial Restrict Editing locks entire output instead of the partial parts when generating from Designer

[ATE-5887] HD#30668-PDF Text Wrapping for Arabic Language breaks too early

[ATE-5878] HD#30670-PPTX template throws a Null pointer exception with only two tags on the slide

[ATE-5682] HD#30380 - Footer and page count issues

[ATE-5335] HD#30026 - Date formatting issue

[ATE-5331] HD#30027,HD#30189 - Watermark image is overlapping the header in PDF outpuT

Internally Reported Defects#

[ATE-6261] CLONE - License Key in header doesn't work in .NET restful engine

[ATE-6098] PDFNet initialized incorrectly

[ATE-6061] Template "foreach_tag_SQL.pptx" fails to generate output

[ATE-6060] Template "foreach_tag_SQL.docx" fails to generate output

[ATE-6049] Out Tag Template HTML Span tag doesn't continue with previous run props

[ATE-6046] Out Tag Template HTML Closing font tag doesn't revert run props

[ATE-5867] When running WesternSlope Template.xlsx, when changing the properties of the tag, the formatting is not retained on output.

[ATE-5774] Check boxes using form fields and Tags are not checking the box correctly

New Functionality Development#

[ATE-6156] Remove SystemWrapper.LaunchFile()

[ATE-6155] Remove ProgramResults from Kailua

[ATE-6152] Deprecate ProcessReport constructors that also create a data source

[ATE-6144] Fix get error method in .net restful client

[ATE-6142] Upgrade to latest version of net.minidev_json-smart lib in java engine

[ATE-6134] Java RESTful Engine S3 Plugin Sample

[ATE-6101] Upgrade to latest version of ICSharpCode.SharpZipLib.dll

[ATE-6097] Use latest version of PDFTron SDK

[ATE-5927] Move all code samples from Catapult to GitHub

[ATE-5829] Allow .NET RESTful process call to specify which version of XSNV to use for processing

[ATE-5828] Allow JAVA RESTful process call to specify which version of XSNV to use for processing