Version 22.4.0 Release Notes


You can access the download to this release here

Customer Reported Defects#

[ATE-6567] HD#35530-URGENT: Windward POC HTML does not show numbering correctly
[ATE-6562] HD#35530-URGENT: Windward POC HTML renders inner FET outside of table
[ATE-6554] HD#33361 - Extra Decorative Line Appearing
[ATE-6553] HD#33361 - Header is overlapped when text-box in new section
[ATE-6541] HD#33361 - Decorative Line Position
[ATE-6540] HD#33361 - Section overlap
[ATE-6522] HD#33361 Table borders not showing correctly
[ATE-6517] HD#35062 - Japanese text incorrectly coming before number
[ATE-6514] HD#33164 (SPLIT) - Importing image via url in html does not appear in output
[ATE-6513] HD#33164 (SPLIT) - Text properties from html import is not being rendered correctly
[ATE-6511] HD#33361 - Object reference not set to an instance of an object. (NullReferenceException)
[ATE-6506] Header looking messed up in PDF output (deloitte)
[ATE-6504] Table not rendering in PDF output (deloitte)
[ATE-6503] HD#34340 - Word wrapping issue with Arabic text
[ATE-6502] HD#34450-Importing Google Doc after exported as DOCX is throwing an exception
[ATE-6501] CLONE - HD#32088 - Missing Dated lines and slashes
[ATE-6499] CLONE - HD#32088 - Extra block of space and Line on top of column
[ATE-6498] CLONE - HD#32088 - Extra newline after endIf tag
[ATE-6497] CLONE - HD#32088 - A lot of the pages are missing from outputted pdf file.
[ATE-6496] CLONE - HD#32088 - Wording “Article 1.” is appearing when it shouldn’t
[ATE-6494] CLONE - HD#32088 - Wording in footer is in incorrect place
[ATE-6493] Hours-delete-jobs doesnt work in JavaRESTful Engine
[ATE-6492] HD#31949-Subtemplate does not use master template indent with Type=TEMPLATE and inline=true for subsequent paragraphs as the gutter does not get applied to imported subtemplates
[ATE-6475] HD#33632 - Regression Scatter plot with more than 1600 points
[ATE-6474] HD#32542 - Blank page added to the PDF output before the first imported file when page starts with a bookmark on page that would otherwise be empty
[ATE-6471] HD#30939 - Object reference error with JSON
[ATE-6460] HD#33317 - Can't convert image! error received for PDF and HTML output
[ATE-6459] HD#33285-Scatter Chart series image marker throwing an exception in PPTX output
[ATE-6454] HD#33165 - PNG image not displaying
[ATE-6453] HD#33170 - Tag Processor 2.0 file extension issue
[ATE-6451] HD#32846 - Confusing error message when outputting a document containing hidden text.
[ATE-6450] HD#32986 - PM marker not displaying correctly for time
[ATE-6448] HD#32852 - Can't convert Image! error for PDF output
[ATE-6445] HD#32822 - Table cells missing borders
[ATE-6442] HD#32857-Large Excel documents generate slow in the .NET Engine
[ATE-6441] HD#32794-After upgrading WindwardEngine to loss of formatting in Excel output
[ATE-6439] HD#32507-Windward Designer Charts - closing Excel
[ATE-6438] HD#32220 - Extra space between rows in .PDF
[ATE-6436] HD#31676 - show PDF header/footer setting is not used
[ATE-6435] Excel Template with Column expanding ForEach does not format the first iteration of the loop
[ATE-6411] HD#31438 - Regression blanks sheets remain after generation
[ATE-6409] HD#31906 - Table cell text color is wrong in PPTX output
[ATE-6401] "High" X Axis Labels in wrong spot in PDF output
[ATE-6400] HD#31909 - Chart alignment is off after upgrading to version 22
[ATE-6397] HD#31855 - Conditional formatting not being honored in Excel.
[ATE-6389] HD#31383 - [WW] Date format issue after upgrade to version 22
[ATE-6384] HD#31645 - [WW] PDF metadata / properties
[ATE-6378] HD#31659 - IndexOutOfBounds exceptions for queries containing curly braces
[ATE-6355] HD#31438 - Token StartAttribute in state Element Content would result in an invalid XML document. (IllegalArgumentException)
[ATE-6348] HD#31105-Table Cell Conditional Formatting - Alignment
[ATE-6259] HD#30997-Bar/Line combo chart has white lines instead of gray in PDF output

New Functionality Development#

[ATE-6557] Designer About Dialogue Shows Engine Version
[ATE-6505] Add support for horizontal Arrow Shape (deloitte)
[ATE-6449] HD#32387 - And and Or tokens should short circuit
[ATE-6425] HD#33277 - Security vulnerability in httpclient-4.5.11.jar
[ATE-6424] HD#33275 - Security vulnerability in protobuf-java-3.6.1.jar
[ATE-6423] HD#33273 - Security vulnerability in commons-beanutils-1.9.3.jar
[ATE-6421] HD#33270 - Security vulnerability in bcprov-jdk15on-1.60.jar
[ATE-6420] HD#33269 - Security vulnerability in dom4j-1.6.1.jar
[ATE-6419] HD#32385 - Security vulnerability in gson-2.4.jar
[ATE-6418] HD#32384 - Security vulnerability in jcommander-1.72.jar
[ATE-6417] HD#32383 - Security vulnerability in xmlgraphics-commons-2.4.jar
[ATE-6416] HD#32382 - Security vulnerability in jackson-mapper-asl-1.9.13.jar
[ATE-6415] HD#32273 - Security vulnerability in imageio-metadata-3.6.4.jar