Version 23.0.0 Release Notes


You can access the download to this release here

Release notes - Windward Core - 23.0.0#

Customer Reported Defects#

WATE-6406 Windward Energy Template throws exception when output to PDF

WATE-6410 HD#32154 - Table row size not respected after upgrading to version 22

WATE-6458 HD#32984 - Regression issue on image quality when generating PDF

WATE-6478 HD#32006 - ForEach inside of ForEach Java issue

WATE-6535 HD#33361 - Charges Table text Overlap

WATE-6565 HD#35305 - The hyperlink underline is too thick in PDF output

WATE-6569 HD#35731-Excel output does not honor the number formatting used in OUT tags

WATE-6570 HD#35734 - Output results in a There is no table [0] exception

WATE-6571 HD#35305 - Generating PDF output results in exception with Tag Processor 2

WATE-6573 HD#35720 - Time format is showing incorrect letter.

WATE-6577 HD#36071 - Generating Tag Processor 2 output results in NullReferenceException

WATE-6578 HD#35870 - Border and color are off in PDF output.

WATE-6579 HD#36035 - Content overlapping footer in PDF output

WATE-6584 HD#36255 - Extra Characters in Header

WATE-6585 HD#32682 - Regression issue with '' vs "null"

WATE-6599 HD#33803 - Crash on startup in IIS/IIS Express

WATE-6600 HD#44267 - Textbox text color from Out Tag is wrong in PPTX output

WATE-6607 CLONE - HD#36549 - Formatting issues

WATE-6608 CLONE - HD#36549 - Column switched from left to right in .PDF

WATE-6609 CLONE - HD#36549 - Table borders placed incorrectly in nested tables

WATE-6610 HD#37923 - Generating output results in: There is no table [0] (IndexOutOfBoundsException)

WATE-6611 HD#37657 - Regression issue - page numbers missing

WATE-6613 Java RESTful Engine S3 Plugin Sample Cant Handle JMeter Blast Requests

WATE-6614 HD#37953 - extra blank page for adjacent next page section break and page break

WATE-6616 HD#38404 - Security vulnerability in jackson-databind-2.13.3.jar

WATE-6617 HD#38414 - Security vulnerability in protobuf-java-3.19.4.jar

WATE-6631 HD#34450-Importing Google Doc after exported as DOCX is throwing an exception

WATE-6634 HD#38674 - IndexOutOfBoundsException received when generating Tag Processor 2 output

WATE-6635 HD#38488 - Tag Processor 1 output results in "Word experienced an error trying to open the file" message

WATE-6787 HD#38241 - Text word wrapping different after upgrade

WATE-7872 HD#38487 - Opening output results in "Word found unreadable content..." message

WATE-7874 HD#39268 - Background image is not on all pages in PDF output

WATE-7876 HD#39163 - Missing text in the header

WATE-7880 HD#39164 - Formatting is not consistent with template

WATE-7888 HD#39776-partial Editing-Protection

WATE-7889 HD#39717 - Object not set to an instance of an object error

WATE-7893 HD#39848 - Object reference error

WATE-7933 HD#41784 - Footers not appearing after page 2 when output is PDF

WATE-7939 HD#39562 - PDF output does not complete

WATE-7985 HD#41786 - Issues with Java11 compatibility and PDFTron builder

WATE-7987 HD#43059 - Windward Nuget crashes Entire Website

WATE-8019 HD#43762-Nested ForEach inner ForEach unable to preview in tag editor shows Unknown Variable

WATE-8049 HD#45229,#39311 - Need to Upgrade to more Secure XML Signing

Internally Reported Defects#

WATE-6304 Installations for Designer are all forcing users to run SKIPCheck for 64bit installs

WATE-6391 The image does not look right in the .DOCX output

WATE-6630 Template Caching not working RESTful

WATE-7921 HD#41494-MergePDF's regression from

WATE-7922 HD#40423 - Attachments are not being resized properly in version 22.4

WATE-7946 Outputting too many pages in docx for InvestmentFactSheet.docx

WATE-8025 Unable to install Designer - an unhandled Micorsoft.NET Framework exception occurred in [5976] rundll32.exe

WATE-8026 Show stopper: Unable to load designer

WATE-8061 PDF Output from Designer fails to add SVGs from import tags

WATE-8071 Refactor in Java Engine is causing exceptions in the Java RESTful Engine

WATE-8086 .NET RESTful Engine Crash on Start Up

New Functionality Development#

WATE-6349 Line Charts Can Use Error Bars

WATE-6509 Support MySQL 8.* ADO.NET connector

WATE-7881 Support SVG in import tag

WATE-7892 HD#39072 Add "BOTH" type back to out tag (secretly)

WATE-7910 Java Engine can run XPATH 3.1 against JSON data

WATE-7911 Designer has a new data source JSON (XPATH)

WATE-7912 .NET Engine can run XPATH 3.1 against JSON data

WATE-7913 Java RESTful Engine can run XPATH 3.1 against JSON data

WATE-7914 .NET RESTful Engine can run XPATH 3.1 against JSON data

WATE-7915 XPath JSON user can see generated XML in Designer

WATE-7924 Generate .NET Engine code for XPATH 3.1 against JSON data

WATE-7927 Add Xpath3 support for RESTful Python Client

WATE-7928 Add Xpath3 support for RESTful Java Client

WATE-7934 Add Xpath3 support for RESTful Javascript Client

WATE-7960 Update postgresql jdbc driver used in test env

WATE-7963 Update Logback1.0.13

WATE-7964 Update org.mortbay.jetty

WATE-7965 Upgrade proguard

WATE-7966 Upgrade ant jars under ikvm directory

WATE-7967 Write pipeline to scan engine with black duck nightly

WATE-7968 Write pipeline to scan designer with black duck nightly

WATE-7969 Write pipeline to scan java REStful nightly

WATE-7970 Write pipeline to scan .NET RESTful with black duck nightly

WATE-7986 Generate Java Engine code for XPATH 3.1 against JSON data

WATE-7994 Remove SVG output support