Version 23.1.0 Release Notes


You can access the download to this release here

Release notes - Windward Core - 23.1.0#

Customer Reported Defect#

[WATE-6488] HD#33836 - WW13 vs WW22: generation time and memory consumption have increased significantly

[WATE-7894] HD#39760 - Image Import Tag disappearing on edit

[WATE-7909] HD#39253 - Hyphenator not being set correctly for HU locale

[WATE-7929] HD#41703 - Excel template needs output repaired in version but does not need repaired in version

[WATE-7931] HD#41792 -Json datafile throwing an exception and the Json file is a valid Json format

[WATE-7955] HD#42036 - Word warning message received when generating output

[WATE-7962] HD#42560 - Output results in "Word experienced an error..." message

[WATE-7973] HD#42782 - Images not displaying correctly in PDF output

[WATE-7989] HD#43277 - Bottom border missing in PDF output

[WATE-7990] HD#43332-Excel Native Sum Issue within inner ForEach loop

[WATE-8016] HD#43687-Ignore Master Slides which do not have a p:sldLayoutIdLst section

[WATE-8017] HD#43688-PowerPoint template is throwing NoEndIf Tag Exception

[WATE-8020] HD#39763 - Header missing or incorrect in outputs

[WATE-8024] HD#43788 - Output results in InvalidCastException with vertically merged cells in Tag Processor 2.0

[WATE-8034] HD#46518 - java.lang.IllegalArgumentException: image == null! when running template

[WATE-8042] HD#44371 - Using number values for pdf.compression_level is resulting in an exception

[WATE-8043] HD#44438-Generating PDFs with PDFTron using Java RESTful Engine Sometimes results in 202 error

[WATE-8045] HD#43769 - invalid docx output

[WATE-8046] HD#44560-Chart Problem Y Axis Formatted as Percentage throws exception

[WATE-8047] HD#44621-Wrong button descriptions

[WATE-8055] HD#44757 - Extra Bordered cells in PDF Report

[WATE-8056] HD#44758-Java RESTFUL Engine Unable To Print Header & Footer

[WATE-8058] HD#44098 - exceptions using out tags in some cases

[WATE-8088] HD#45927 - DOCX output is resulting in Word experienced an error trying to open the file when content control is in header

[WATE-8108] HD#45784 - Windward malformed excel cell

[WATE-8109] HD#45879 - Vertically merged tables cause exceptions in some cases

[WATE-8127] HD#46966-Images do not render correctly in PDF output.

[WATE-8138] HD#47509-Windward HotFix Native Formula Issues

Internally Reported Defect#

[WATE-6586] Mokaluas.jpeg is mispelled

[WATE-7919] Regression of WATE-5776 fixed in 22.1.0

[WATE-8110] IllegalArgumentException: Font size too small: 0.0 on Xlsx template containing single cell with text bolded

New Functionality Development#

[WATE-7871] Specify what version number means in generated documents

[WATE-7891] HD#39584 Fit imported image to cell height in PPTX

[WATE-8052] Water marked output when no license is provided to engine

[WATE-8053] Cache import dependencies Java RESTful engine

[WATE-8054] Cache import dependencies .NET RESTful engine